Xbox Live Arcade Review Robot R

In today’s time, countless gamers are given with so many options. This includes but not limited to mobile gaming, virtual reality to eSports and streaming platforms. But what’s most exciting is the way these new experiences are allowing gamers to connect with their passion in entirely new ways.

Smartphone Functionality

With the release of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to connect your smartphone to your console.

This functionality allows you to take full advantage of your smartphone and stream content directly to your TV.

Streaming Platforms

Streaming has become more popular than ever, both in the gaming and entertainment industries. And Xbox owners are taking advantage of this amazing technology by streaming their gameplay on platforms like Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube.

Through this, gamers are not just able to share live content from their audience but also, it enables them to maximize their income potential.