COD Battles


Call of Dragons is a huge Android-supported mobil game, to which many gamers are asking how to download game from their mobile device to their PC for free. Technically playing COD on a PC enables a player to enjoy the benefits of viewing a larger screen and using extra keyboard and mouse controls. Playing COD via PC is the ideal approach to launching campaigns against enemies and opponents. Part of the instructions for downloading Call of Dragons on a PC is to first download an emulator. COD publisher, Farlight Games recently released the Official Emulator for PC-based COD. As the title denotes, the emulator makes the Android-supported mobile app suitable and compatible for PC gaming.

Importance of Knowing One’s Basic Enemies

Most guides to COD gaming provide data about the best primary hero to start with as a COD gamer. Yet it’s also important for players to know the kind of enemies they face. Their experience  in battling with the enemies could lead to instances of losing battery juice while in the midst of an important battle at the most inopportune time. Nonetheless, it’s the logical reason why COD gamers eventually take action by making their mobile COD accounts accessible on their PC.

The benefit of using the Official Farlight Games emulator is that once the emulator and the Android app have been installed in the PC, a Call of Dragon Player can simply continue with the progress he made in his mobile account. Newbies on the other hand, can start their COD adventure in any faction he chooses to belong.

Overview of Enemies and Elements COD Players Encounter

Players achieve basic game progress in COD by engaging in any of the many Player Vs. Enemies (PVE) activities. They can take on darkling farming by beating Dark Patrols and Dark Creatures.
The Darkling Patrols to encounter are diverse in terms of game level and fighting progress. Players could attack and do battle with Dark Patrols belonging to Level 1 up to Level 25.
Attacking Dark Forts and the Dark Portal to eventually reach and defeat the darkling guards protecting the Dark Chest. The capture of the Dark Chest will bring many rewards, valuable resources and useful speedups.

Overpowering Dark Guards will earn players Experience Points that elevate player status.
While there is an abundance of Dark Patrols and Dark Creatures scattered across the 3D map, players need to summon Dark Guards if they want to engage them in battle. Defeating guards will entitle them to a lot of rewards. Moreover the Experience Points for defeating Dark Chest guards can boost a successful player’s level.

Darkling Patrols– are the most common darkling units that players can stumble upon across the different areas of the Map.
Here’s the thing, COD gamers have to pay Command Points (CP) so they need to make sure they have enough command points to pay for the event.