Turf Cams


NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) — Some of the most interesting shots of next Sunday’s big Super Bowl game could come from a small camera.A very small camera.

Fox Sports has planted so-called Turf Cams around Alltel Stadium in Jacksonville, Florida — including four on the field where the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles will play Super Bowl XXXIX. Eight more of the Turf Cams aren’t in the turf at all — they’ll be mounted at the end zones.

Is it just me or has the real game on TV started to look more like a video game then the video games themselves? Why is it that the TV broadcasts have to mimic what the video games like the Sega/Visual Concepts 2K series. I liked my football games without all the wild 3D motion graphics and without the SkyCam (I just love it when you see that SkyCam zipping accross the fields right above the players, the camera man cannot get the damn thing out of the picture). Give me a few camera angles of the field, the blimp shot, nice looking stat overlays on the screen, a camera on the end zone so I can see Randy Moss moon the crowd, and we’ll call it a football game.

No one understands ‘simple’ anymore.

But really folks: let video games be video games and let TV broadcasts be TV broadcasts.

Remember that “Diamond Cam” or whatever the heck they called it during the World Series. It was right in front Home Plate in the dirt. Those shots sure looked great, and added so much more to the telecast, let me tell ya’.