Can you believe it? I have been blogging for 2 years now. I must say that the blogging community is a great place to be part of, I have met really great people just through blogging.

So much for this site being about “A Mac User in a Windows World!” From here on we are “Rants & Raves by Ken Edwards & Matt Paprocki.” Since is a rather long URL, we will keep this domain, its catchy, and its been here for 2 yrs!
The most I do with Windows these days is fix someone’s PC from the trials and tribulations of spyware hell.

I no longer have a PC, and I am very happy with that. When I need Windows I now use Virtual PC 7. It is just so therapeutic to quit Windows and put it out of sight when not needed (which is 99.9% of the time).

The site will still contain a healthy portion of Mac news and reviews – don’t you fret. I am, after all, a Mac user through and through.

Thanks to all my readers out there. Without you I am sure I would post much less.

If I have any wishes for this site in the next year it is to finish the transition to the new template! I simply do not have the time. Between Art History 145, Student Publications, and my freelance stuff, blogging gets the short end of the stick. Oh well. That is life.

So, what have I learned after two years of blogging?
1. I can type faster and am much more accurate.
2. I would even go as far as to say that my grammar has improved, ever so slightly.
3. I need to be interviewed for a Wired article more often.
4. I can get stuff for free and review it.
5. I think Jake was right, I really am a Spoiled Little Bitch.

Why do I continue to blog?
1. It makes me a better writer.
2. It gives me a “safe” place to try out new web techniques in a “production” environment.
3. I like to rant, even more then I like to rave.
4. Family & friends can keep up with what I am up to.
5. Blogging is a big stress reliever, if you can believe it.