Instagram Program : A Closer Look at Python for Instagram

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Instagram is basically an online sharing application supporting a social media platform developed by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger using the programming language known as Python. Systrom and Krieger used Python in developing a program that immediately became popular among netizens. After all, everybody was already obsessed with taking selfies wherever they go and whatever they do. IG users try to mimic if not outdo the people they are following.

The two Instagram founders developed a social networking platform capable of carrying out task automation, data visualisation and data analysis. The visual-sharing platform took the social media network by storm when it launched in 2010. In 2012, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had to acquire Instagram as the appearance-oriented social media website was capable of surpassing FB’s place in social networks as the leading social media platform.

The Popularity of Python as a Programming Language

Python programming Regarded as an all-around language because it can be used in creating different kinds of software programs, Python is popular even among non-programmers. They find the language easy to learn and use for their own purposes such as financial organisation and computer modelling for research.
Since instagram was built with Python’s programming capabilities for data science and analytics,
the language was used to create a platform that can perform complex statistical analysis. The Instagram platform works with algorithms that serve as protocols in organising IG posts and data-related tasks.
Today, Instagram has transitioned from a photo-sharing application into becoming an effective business tool for social media marketing, particularly Instagram Marketing.

Through the use of Python, Instagram is able to implement the “business logic” that makes it possible for the social media site to serve 800 million active users on a monthly basis. According to Meta, the parent company of FB and Instagram, the implementation of CPython provided the platform with the runtime used to execute their program code.
Instagram employs Python in one of the world’s largest settings, using it to implement the “business logic” needed to serve 800 million monthly active users.

What Exactly is Business Logic?

Business logic refers to the Python program developed for managing the communication between end user interface (EUI) and a database.

Workflows and Business Rules are the main elements of Business Logic.
Workflow can be broken down as the procedural steps, the tasks, the required input and expected output of a Python program.

A business rule on the other hand, describes the specific procedure and requirements. A business rule describes a specific procedure along with the tools and information required by each step of the procedure; specifically indicated as the operations associated with database handling as part of the Python program.


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